Q3W22-26 Q4W30-38 Jan30-May31 3rd


TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level3
Week #22-38
Unit of InstructionBritto-Inspired by Love;Line, Pattern, Color, Shape, Artist Study
Standard(s) Taught
  • VA.3.C.2.1 Assess personal artworks for completeness and success in meeting intended objectives.
  • VA.3.S.1.4 Choose accurate art vocabulary to describe works of art and art processes.
  • VA.3.S.3.2 Develop craftsmanship skills through repeated practice.
  • VA.3.C.1.1 Use the art-making process to develop ideas for self-expression
  • I can describe cultural similarities and differences in works of art.  VA.3.H.1.1
  • I can explain why it is important for people in an audience to have best behaviors.  VA.3.H.1.2
  • I can identify and be respectful of ideas important to individuals, groups, or cultures that are reflected in their artwork. VA.3.H.1.3
  • I can be aware of copyright laws to show respect for other people’s ideas.  VA.3.S.3.4
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


  • Today I will learn about Brazilian artist Romero Britto, so that I can create an original piece full of bright colors, bold composition, thick black lines with the theme “Love” using lots of patterns in my art.
  • Today I will learn about warm and cool colors and use mostly warm or cool colors in my design and the opposite in the background.
  • Today I will learn to reflect and critique my own work and explain problems I had and how I solved those problems.


Classroom Activities

Students will use Paint Stix to create an image based on the characteristics of Brazilian artist, Romero Britto with the theme, “Inspired by Love.”  Students will study and use warm and cool colors to complete their drawings. Finally, the students will write about their artwork and justify decisions made about content and formal qualities.

We will review the Elements of Art. Students will work in groups and observe a number of images produced by Romero Britto.  They will be asked to identify common features of his art (simple shapes, bright colors, sections divided by thick black lines, patterns) and write them down. I will emphasize the use of art terminology and specifically art elements they see in his work.  They will be reminded of the posters to use as a reference for the Elements of Art.

At the carpet, we will watch a video about the Romero Britto and compare his work to the Cubist and Pop Art movements, looking for similarities.  We will discuss patterns they observe in Britto’s artwork and what patterns they could come up with as well.

At their tables, students will work on a planning sheet, coming up with 6 patterns. They are to use only warm colors in 3 of their patterns and only cool in the other

We will study warm and cool colors more in depth. Students will watch a video describing the use of warm and cool colors in art and how they can use them in their artwork effectively.

Students will complete their composition using mostly warm or cool colors in their image and the opposite in their background. . Upon completion, students will grade themselves with an Art Rubric and upload their artwork to Artsonia, discussing “2 things they learned about Romero Britto” and responding to the prompts, “What worked or was successful for you?” and “If you were to do this project again, what would you do differently.”

Assignments Due
Additional Resources