Q3Wk21-28 Jan21-March12 2nd

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level2
Week #21-28
Unit of InstructionPaper Mache' Sushi;Form, Texture, Repetition, Value, Color, Shape
Standard(s) Taught


  • I can use art vocabulary to make connections to other subject areas. VA.2.C.3.1
  • I can find connections between creating with art ideas and creating with information from other subject areas. VA.2.H.3.1
  • I can appreciate having many solutions to solve an artistic problem. VA.2.F.1.2
  • I can create art that is meaningful to me and explains ideas about local and global communities. VA.2.O.3.1
  • I can experiment with tools and techniques to make art. VA.2.S.1.1 
  • I can use different resources to get inspiration for art. VA.2.S.1.2
  • I can use art materials and techniques to create 2-D and 3-D artwork. VA.2.S.3.1
  • I can follow safety directions in art class. VA.2.S.3.3
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • • Today I will learn about TEXTURE and FORM so that I CAN create 3-DIMENSIONAL sushi rolls that have the look and feel of real sushi.
    • Today I will learn about COLOR and VALUE so that I CAN paint with CONTRASTING colors on my plate and add dimension on my cherry blossoms by using the DOUBLE-LOADING TECHNIQUE.
    • Today I will learn about COLOR and SHAPE so that I CAN create REPETITION by making the colors and ingredients in my sushi rolls the same.
  • Today I will learn about CHERRY BLOSSOMS, so that I will be able to IDENTIFY them and create a painting inspired by the Japanese custom celebrating Hanami.
Classroom Activities

Students will  learn about CHERRY BLOSSOMS and create a painting inspired by the Japanese custom celebrating Hanami onto a cardboard to resemble a plate. They will paint the plate using one color of liquid tempera paint and use a CONTRASTING color to add border lines to the
plate to make it look 3D.   They will use tempera paint and add a design on your
plate and create cherry blossoms using a double loading technique. Next, they will create the sushi using cardboard rolls, Celluclay, paint and felt. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources