Q3Wk27-33 March25-April26 K,1

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade LevelK 1
Week #29-33
Unit of InstructionGoldilocks Still Life;Form, Line, Shape, Proportion
Standard(s) Taught
  • K
  • I can create art and share it with others.  VA.K.C.1.1
  • I can follow directions to have good behavior in an art audience.  VA.K.H.1.2
  • I can make art to show ideas in math, science, reading, and social studies.  VA.K.H.3.1
  • I can explore where things go in my art.  VA.K.O.1.1 
  • I can identify other peoples artwork and the ideas they show.  VA.K.S.3.4


  • I can use different art materials and ways of making art to see how it changes my artwork.  VA.1.C.2.2
  • I can find vocabulary words that are used in art and in other ways.  VA.1.C.3.1
  • I can explain how people in an audience should behave.  VA.1.H.1.2
  • I can identify places people can go to look at art.  VA.1.H.2.3
  • I can use my art skills to make 2-D and 3-D art.  VA.1.S.3.1
  • I can be respectful of other people’s art.  VA.1.S.3.4
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • • Today I will learn about LINE and SHAPE, so that I CAN draw GOLDILOCKS from the classic fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”
    • Today I will learn about PROPORTION, so that I CAN create large, medium and small bowls in my STILL LIFE.
    • Today I will learn about FORM, so that I CAN add SHADOWS and HIGHLIGHTS to my bowls to make them appear to be 3D.
  • Today I will learn how to follow directions to have good behavior in an art audience
Classroom Activities

Students will watch and discuss the read aloud of, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” by James Marshall. They will either paint the background or table using tempera paint. They will draw Goldilocks and  create bowls that vary in proportion and  make the three bowls of porridge look realistic and 3D by adding highlights and shadow with chalk pastel.  They will use painted paper to gives the bowls unique texture.  Students will mix colors to create a skin color. Upon completion, students will upload their work to Artsonia along with a statement.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources