Q4W32-38 1st and 2nd

TeacherLinda Brush
Subject AreaElementary Art
Grade Level1&2
Week #32-38
Unit of InstructionUnicorn and Lion Banner; Line, Balance & Mixed Media
Standard(s) Taught
  • 1st Standards
  • I can find clues to help me understand and think about art. VA.1.C.1.2
  • I can find vocabulary words that are used in art and in other ways.  VA.1.C.3.1
  • I can tell the difference between artwork, things we use, and objects from nature.  VA.1.C.3.2
  • I can talk about how different works of art tell us about a culture.  VA.1.H.1.1
  • I can explain how people in an audience should behave.  VA.1.H.1.2
  • I can compare artworks from different cultures.  VA.1.H.2.1
  • I can follow the teacher’s directions to create art projects.  VA.1.F.3.2
  • 2nd Grade standards
  • I can talk about what different works of art might be trying to tell us. VA.2.C.1.2
  • I can make good decisions when making art. VA.2.C.2.1
  • I can tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate audience behavior. VA.2.H.1.2
  • I can compare and contrast artworks from different times and cultures. VA.2.H.2.1
  • I can find connections between creating with art ideas and creating with information from other subject areas. VA.2.H.3.1
  • I can be inspired by art from different times and cultures. VA.2.S.1.3
  • I can follow the steps used to create art. VA.2.S.2.2
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• Today I will learn about the MEDIEVAL BANNERS, so that I CAN create a mixed media COLLAGE using paint, paper and ribbons.
• Today I will learn about LINE and SHAPE, so that I CAN draw an animal and create a SYMMETRICAL shape for the bottom part of the banner.
• Today I will learn about COLOR and CONTRAST, so that I CAN paint my background a color that makes my animal stand out.

Classroom Activities

This lesson puts a sparkly spin on the banners
flown during Medieval and Renaissance times!
Students will enjoy drawing either a whimsical lion
or unicorn for their banner. Painting the banner and adding a symmetrical
pendent at the bottom and a wooden hanger with
ribbon finishes this banner off with the element of
A banner is like a flag, which displays a symbol to
represent a country, community, organization or
individual. In was in Medieval and Renaissance
times that countries in Europe first started using
national banners. The lion and the unicorn
appear on United Kingdom’s royal banner.
Individuals also had banners that they would hold
in battle to intimidate the enemy and let their
comrades know their location.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources