Q2 W3 – Pumpkinology – K-5


TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaAgriculture
Grade LevelK-5
Week #Q2 W3
Unit of InstructionPumpkins
Standard(s) Taught

CTE – AFNR.68.PLANT.04.06 – Identify plants based on common and scientific names.

SC.4.P.8.1 – Measure and compare objects and materials based on their physical properties including: mass, shape, volume, color, hardness, texture, odor, taste.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will work on circumference and diameter measurements along with weight measurements of their pumpkins.

Classroom Activities

Students will learn how pumpkins are grown, the difference between pumpkin pie pumpkins and carving pumpkins, along with how to identify a gourd.  They will also work on how to measure the circumference and diameter of a pumpkin along with weighing it.  

Assignments Due


Additional Resources