Q1 W3 Horticulture – Prepping for Planting

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaAgriculture
Grade Level3rd-5th
Week #Q1 W3
Unit of InstructionHorticulture - Prepping for Planting
Standard(s) Taught

CTE -AFNR.68.GENRL.05.03 – Identify and practice agriculture safety skills

CTE – HOSP.68.RESBEV.11.05 – Demonstrate the skills involved in self -sustainability as it relates to food.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

*Students will be taught about safety procedures in the garden. 

*Once competency is achieved, they will assist with prepping the garden for Fall planting.

*We will discuss seasons for planting, germination time, and harvesting time.


(Materials required:  classroom set of rakes, hoes, and seed packets to be used as examples)

Classroom Activities

Students will:

  • We will discuss the rising population in the United States and what it takes to feed our population with the decreasing amount of land available.  Students will use this opportunity to brainstorm ways that we can feed our population.
  • Watch a video explaining garden safety.
  • Review video with teacher and discuss what was learned in addition to demonstrating skills in classroom before moving to garden.
  • Assist in the garden with preparations for Fall garden.
Assignments Due

Watch video at home and discuss garden safety with our family.  It is important to keep these facts fresh as we only meet once every six days.

Additional Resources

Check out sample seed packets to better understand planting dates, germination times, and length of time to harvest.  Each plant is different and gardeners must make sure to keep good track of their fruits and vegetables.

 Image result for tomato seed packet information