Q2 W5 – Cranberry Bogs – 11/18 – 11/22 (K-1)

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaAgriscience
Grade LevelK-1
Week #Q2 W5
Unit of InstructionCranberry Harvesting
Standard(s) Taught

CTE- AFNR.68.PLANT.03.10 – Analyze knowledge of harvesting techniques and equipment.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will study the unique way cranberries are grown and harvested.  They will learn about what areas of the country cranberries are most commonly grown in and how the cranberry bogs are flooded during the winter months to protect the berries from the frost.  

Classroom Activities

Classroom discussion about how our Southern plants grow differently than cranberries.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Time for Cranberries by Lisl Detlefsen