0 – Kindergarten Lesson Q1W4W5W6

TeacherElizabeth Redondo
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade Level0 - Kindergarten
Week #Q1W4W5W6
Unit of InstructionMovement Awareness - T&R H&S
Standard(s) Taught

TH.K.F.1 –¬†Creating, interpreting, responding & imagination

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


Non – Verbal Communications


Listening Skills


Team Work

Independent Work





Classroom Activities

Warm up

  • Relaxation
  • Take Flight

Mirror Exercise

  • T&R Total Body & Isolations
  • T&R Music Movement Exercise
  • H&S Total Body & Isolations
  • H&S Music Movement Exercise

Circle Work

  • Copy Cat T&R
  • Gesture Grow T&R
  • Monkey See Monkey do T&R
  • Situational Short Story T&R
  • Copy Cat H&S
  • Gesture Grow H&S
  • Monkey See Monkey do H&S
  • Situational Short Story H&S






Assignments Due
Additional Resources