1 – 1st Grade Lesson Q1W2W3

TeacherElizabeth Redondo
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade Level1
Week #Q1W2W3 1
Unit of InstructionStage Positions & Transitions
Standard(s) Taught

TH.1.S.3.3 – Distinguish Stage Space

TH.1.F.1.1 – Pretend play.




Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Stage Positions


Self- Expression


Classroom Activities

Stage Positions

Center Mirror Warm-up

Center Creative Pantomime Movement Exercise

  1. Shake
  2. Stretch
  3. Freeze
  4. Morph


  1. Stage Positions
  2. Theater in the Round (Circle of Love)
  3. Circle Divided

Circle Exercise

Cat & Mice – A Cinderella Story

Assignments Due
Additional Resources