K-5th – Q2 W16-19

TeacherElizabeth Redondo
Subject AreaElementary Drama
Grade LevelK-5th
Week #Week 16-19
Unit of InstructionWinter Showcase
Standard(s) Taught

TH.5.C.2.1 – Strengthening performance 

Th.K.S.1. – Demonstrate appropriate audience behavior at a live performance.

TH.1.C.2.2 – Identify elements of an effective performance.

TH.2.H.1.2 – Explain how to respond as an audience member in a different way, depending on the style of performance.

TH.3.F.3.1 – Participate in a collaborative project to create a theatrical performance and reflect on the experience.

TH.1.S.3.3 – Distinguish stage space from audience space to show understanding of the physical relationship between audience and actor in performance.

TH.3.S.1.1 – Demonstrate effective audience etiquette and constructive criticism for a live performance

TH.4.C.3.1 – Identify the characteristics of an effective acting performance.

TH.4.C.2.2 – Reflect on the strengths and needs of one’s own performance.

TH.5.C.2.1 – Change and strengthen one’s own performance based on coaching from a director.

TH.5.C.3.1 – Discuss alternate performance possibilities of the same character in the same play.

TH.5.S.1.1 – Describe the difference in responsibilities between being an audience member at live or recorded performances.

TH.5.S.3.3 – Use elements of dramatic and technical performance designed to produce an emotional response in an audience.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


self discipline 


listening skills

non-verbal communications 

verbal communications






voice inflection

 Voice clarity



Theater Etiquette 

Back stage Etiquette

Audience Etiquette





Classroom Activities

Theater rehearsals

Assignments Due
Additional Resources