Q1W2-4 4th Grade

TeacherCaroline Tarraza
Subject AreaComputer Lab
Grade Level4th
Week #2-4
Unit of InstructionComputer Sience
Standard(s) Taught

SC.912.CS-CS.4.2 Describe the organization of a computer and identify its principal components by name, function, and the flow of instructions and data between components (e.g., storage devices, memory, CPU, graphics processors, IO and network ports)

SC.912.CS-CS.4.3 Differentiate between multiple levels of hardware and software (such as CPU hardware, operating system, translation, and interpretation) that support program execution.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Learn to identify all the inside components of a desktop tower and understand each components contribution to a computers operation.

Classroom Activities

Watch the Magic School Bus “Gets Programmed”.
Complete Magic School Bis handout.

Separate students into three groups and examine the parts of an actual tower inside. 


Assignments Due


Additional Resources