Q1W2-4 Kindergarten

TeacherCaroline Tarraza
Subject AreaComputer Lab
Grade LevelK
Week #2-4
Unit of InstructionKeyboarding and Computer Care
Standard(s) Taught

SC.K2.CS-CS.4.2 Recognize and operate different types of computers, applications and peripherals 

SC.K2.CS-PC.1.1 Demonstrate proper care for electronic devices (e.g., handling devices carefully, logging off or shutting down correctly, and keeping devices away from water/food).

  Letter identification on the keyboard

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Identify the rows on the keyboard and their 

  • Name
  • Color
  • Simile

To continue learning about computer care and the importance of asking an adult before going on the computer.

Classroom Activities

As a class we completed a coloring handout. The handout had a picture of a keyboard, which the students had to color. Together we discussed a row and then colored it together.

Complete the handout “Find It, Color It, Write It”. Students are to find the letters on the keyboard that make up their name. They are then to color the letter the color that it is on the keyboard.

The students were shown the episode “Author the Wreck”. After the episode we had a class discussion of the events that led to Author being grounded.


Assignments Due


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