Q1W6 Kindergarten


TeacherCaroline Tarraza
Subject AreaComputer Lab
Grade LevelKindergarten
Week #6
Unit of InstructionKeyboarding
Standard(s) Taught
Understand location of home row keys and finger placement
Demonstrate correct use of right and left hands
Identify letters and numbers on the keyboard
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Recognize Home Row keys ASDF JKL:;

Be able to recite the Home Row mnemonic 

To locate spelling words on the keyboard

Classroom Activities

In week 5 we will continue learning the Home Row keys. Together we will recite our mnemonic before continuing with our activity for the day.

Right Hand

Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory, will help you remember A, S, D, and F.
Use the mnemonic: All Ships Do Float to remember the Home Row keys for the left hand

Left Hand

J, K, L, and semicolon are the Home Row keys for the right hand. Use the mnemonic: Just Keep Looking,
Eyes Open, Eyes Wink. It’s fun to say Eyes Open, Eyes Wink. Plus, the semicolon key is used to make faces, too. Note that J K L are in alphabetical order.

Starting with CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) and sight words, children at a young age participate in activities to practice spelling words. We are going to use the keyboard handout , Keyboard Spelling, as another way to get spelling practice. They will  have fun spelling words on the white board before writing them on their handout. Students will then locate each letter on the keyboard and color it according to the colored row it belongs to.

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