Q1W7-8 5th Grade


TeacherCaroline Tarraza
Subject AreaComputer Lab
Grade Level5th
Week #7-8
Unit of InstructionMicrosoft PowerPoint
Standard(s) Taught

Using basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating effective presentations.

Exploring themes, views, slide layout, clip art, and pictures.

Creating illustrations.

Insert, resize, and position the pictures in an attractive manner.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Technical Skills

Operating Environment

  • Open and close a program.
  • Save changes to a file.
  • Open a slide show.

Applied Technology

  • Create a simple picture map using the directions beside, on,in and under.
  • Create a slide that depicts the weather in the city.


  • Advance to the next slide in a slide show using the page down key.
  • Enter a keyword to search for pictures.
  • Select and insert a picture onto a slide.
  • Resize a picture.
  • Position a picture on a slide.
  • Rotate a picture.
  • Adjust object in order.

Content Knowledge

  • List different types of maps.
  • Explain the purpose of a map.
  • List jobs that use maps.
  • List different types of weather.
  • Describe how weather changes how people dress.
  • Describe how weather impacts the activities people do.
Classroom Activities

Techno City Microsoft PowerPoint Workbook

  • Session 2 is due and turn in page 14.
  • Begin session 3 and complete.
Assignments Due


Additional Resources