Math – Week 8-9 (10/02-10/13)

TeacherBrittnee Zeak
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level5
Week #8-9
Unit of InstructionNumber and Operations in Base Ten and Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Standard(s) Taught
  1. MAFS.5.NBT.2.5 : Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm. 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  1. Students will:
    •  (CONTINUING) recall basic multiplication facts. (This is a 3rd grade skill.)
    • (CONTINUING) describe and demonstrate how the standard algorithm relates to multiplication strategies (i.e. place value and the properties of operations, area model, array, compatible numbers, decomposition).
    • (NEW) analyze an error in multiplication computation using the standard algorithm and justify the reasoning.
    • (NEW) determine the missing digit in a factor of a multiplication problem when given the product. 
Classroom Activities
  1. Multiplication Drill on digits 2-12. 
  2. Math Stations
    • Mrs. Zeak – reviewing small group order of operations with ( ), [ ], { }
    • Computers – Moby Max Diagnostic 
    • Four 4’s Inquiry 
    • Fact Families, Multiplying and Dividing with Zero’s
    • IXL -C.12,13,14
  3. RTI (Response to Intervention)
    • Place Value Review 
    • Adding/Subtracting Large Numbers
    • Order of Operations
Assignments Due
  • Weekly Homework Sheet / Friday Sep. 2nd 
  • Math Station Centers 
Additional Resources