Unit 5 Energy and Motion

TeacherBrittnee Zeak
Subject AreaScience
Grade Level5
Week #20-23
Unit of InstructionEnergy and Motion
Standard(s) Taught

SC.5.P.10.1 – Investigate and describe some basic forms of energy, including light, heat, sound, electrical, chemical, and mechanical. 

SC.5.P.10.2 – Investigate and explain that energy has the ability to cause motion or create change. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

SC.5.P.10.1 – Students will:

  • investigate and describe some basic forms of energy, including light, heat (thermal), sound, electrical, chemical, and mechanical (energy of motion).
  • review how light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object (opaque, translucent, transparent) and then is reflected/bounced, bent, or absorbed.
  • review that things that give off light often also give off heat. o review that heat is produced when one object rubs against another (friction).
  • review that sound is produced by vibrations and that pitch depends on how fast or slow an object vibrates.
  • review that heat flows from a hot object to a cold object. o review common materials that conduct heat well or poorly.
  • review that mechanical energy is stored at a position or released in motion.
  • explain that electrical energy is the flow of a charge/current through a material.
  • explain that chemical energy is stored or released in a chemical reaction (e.g., a source is from the foods animals eat).

SC.5.P.10.2 – Students will:

  • identify and describe examples where energy has caused motion and/or created change (e.g., twirling pinwheel, boiling water, cooking food, turning on a lamp, freezing water, melting chocolate, plant/animal decay, vibration of a radio speaker).
  • explain the relationship between energy, motion, and change.
Classroom Activities


  • Interactive Science Journal 
  • Student Reading Guided Activities Unit 4 Lessons 1, 3, and 5
  • Inquiry Hands On 
    1. What Change Can Energy Cause? 
    2. How Do Electric Charges Interact? 
    3. How Do We Use Electricity? 
  • Circuit Builder Project
Assignments Due
  1. Vocabulary Choice Board Unit 5 Week 1 
  2. Brain Check Lesson 1
  3. Brain Check Lesson 3
  4. Brain Check Lesson 5
  5. Circuit Builder 
Additional Resources