Q4W6-8 APRIL 29 – MAY 17

TeacherHeather DeRose
Grade Level5
Week #34-36
Unit of InstructionELA: FSA Review and Testing SOCIAL STUDIES: Western Expansion
Standard(s) Taught







Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Students will identify roles and contributions of significant people during the period of westward expansion
  • Students will describe the hardships of settlers along the trails to the west
  • Students will explain how westward expansion affected Native Americans
  • Students will locate information from multiple sources as evidence to support theme, main ideas, text structure, and point of view
  • Students will compare and contrast stories in the same genre 
  • Students will use context to help them determine the meaning of figurative language phrases
Classroom Activities

FSA TESTING: May 1-2 ELA, May 6-7 MATH, May 8-9 SCIENCE

Gold Rush Code Breaker Activity

Figurative Language Escape Room Activity 

i-Ready Diagnostic 

Pioneer Simulation – Students will form “wagon trains” and will have to complete scenarios to complete their trip to the Oregon Territory in search of a better life

Skill Review Rotations 

Assignments Due

Book Report Project – May 17th

Newsela – Must complete the activities for the 3 assigned Newsela Articles listed below

  • Opinion: U.S. schools don’t give students enough gym time
  • Leif Eriksson 
  • King Arthur 

Pioneer Simulation 

IXL – Must complete the strands listed below

  • M.1
  • L.3
  • K.5


Additional Resources