Week 21 1-22

**St. Augustine field trip money is due by February 2nd, we are all looking forward to this exciting event!


TeacherMelanie Berube
Subject AreaMath/Science/Social Studies
Grade Level4
Week #21
Unit of InstructionSkills review & intro to fractions/Energy Review/Pedro Menendez
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• apply an understanding of addition and subtraction, place value, and flexibility with multiple strategies to use the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction of whole numbers with solutions greater than 1,000 and within 1,000,000.
• solve multi-digit multiplication problems that extend to 4-digit by 1-digit or up to 2-digit by 2-digit using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations, and record the calculation using equations.
• solve division of a multi-digit dividend (with up to four digits) by a one-digit divisor using strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division, and record the calculation using equations
• convert larger units of measure into smaller equivalent units (required units are listed on Grade 4 FSA Mathematics Reference Sheet).
• decompose a fraction into a sum of fractions with the same denominator in more than one way using visual models.
• record the decomposition of a fraction by an equation and justify the decomposition.

• observe and describe some basic forms of energy, including light, heat, sound, electrical, and the energy of motion (mechanical).
• identify examples of these energy forms in their life and in the natural world.
• compare and contrast these types of energy.
• review how light travels in a straight path until interrupted by an object.
• review how light passes through other objects (transparent, translucent, opaque).
• review how light reflects, bends, and absorbs.

Social Studies:
• identify explorers who landed in Florida 
• explain why explorers came to Florida and the outcome of their expeditions. Examples may include, but not be limited to, Ponce de Leon, Juan Garrido, Esteban Dorantes, Tristan de Luna

Classroom Activities

Mon-Review subtracting (including across zeroes), masteryconnect (diagnostic-not graded), individual projects, IXL, 
Tue-Review Multiplying–all different forms, individual projects, IXL, centers
Wed- Review division, individual projects, IXL, centers
Thu-Review conversions (from large units to small units and from small units to larger), individual projects, IXL
Fri- MasteryConnect (graded) on all reviewed information, individual projects, IXL

Monday(Berube) Review All forms of energy (Mechanical, Electrical, Light, Thermal, Sound MELTS), interactive notebooks
Tuesday (Barnes) same as above
Wednesday (both) Transferring heat, conductors and insulators
Thursday (both) Sound, how it travels, pitch, loudness
Friday (both) Light, how it bends, how it passes through items.

Social Studies:
Pedro Menendez (the St. Augustine guy!!)
Studies Weekly

Assignments Due

Math: No math HW this week! Reviewing all previously learned skills. Graded Masteryconnect on Friday. Individual projects due Friday (these may be coming home Wednesday/Thursday night depending on how much work the child has left to complete)

Group work due Friday 

Social Studies:
Green sheet due Thursday

Additional Resources