Week 27 3-5

TeacherMelanie Berube
Subject AreaMath/Science/Social Studies
Grade Level4th
Week #27
Unit of InstructionDecimals as fractions&fractions as decimals/Nutrition Introduction/Citizenship--How kids can contribute to the community
Standard(s) Taught

Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100. For example, rewrite 0.62 as 62/100 ; describe length as 0.62 meters; locate 0.62 on a number line diagram. MAFS.4.NF.3.6

Keep records that describe observations made, carefully distinguishing actual observations from ideas and inferences about the observations. SC.4.N.1.6

Social Studies:
SS.4.C.2.2 Identify ways citizens work together to influence government and help solve community and state problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• demonstrate place value of decimals through the hundredths using concrete materials (e.g., decimal grids, base ten blocks, number lines).
• translate a fraction with a denominator of 10 or 100 into its equivalent decimal form.
• translate a decimal to the tenths or hundredths place into its equivalent fraction form.
• represent a decimal value on a number line.

• record observations of an object and/or an event in a science notebook using a variety of data collection tools (e.g., diagrams, charts, graphs).
• make inferences based on observations.
• distinguish observations from inferences. 

Social Studies:
• summarize ways citizens can influence government and public policy.
• identify community and state problems.
• describe how citizens, including children, can help solve community and state problems. Examples may include, but are not limited to, voting, petitioning, conservation, and recycling.

Classroom Activities

manipulatives and decimal grids
small group

Watching Nutrition Video
Looking at the Food Plate
finding calories in our foods
reading nutrition labels

Social Studies:
Kids as citizens–what can you do?
At home, at school, in community

Assignments Due

iStation assignments due by Thursday
Quiz on Thursday (decimals as fractions/fractions as decimals)

Food log due each day–we WILL be discussing these every day so they must come back daily

Social Studies:

Additional Resources