Quarter 4, Week 37: May 20-25

Mark Your Calendar!

  • Wednesday, May 22 Jimmy Sawgrass in-school Native American presentation. Students must return permission slip. The cost is $5 
  • Friday, May 24 Field Day. Please check Bloomz for times and to sign-up to volunteer or donate. We will be providing pizza and snacks for the students on this day. They should come wearing sunblock as the majority of the day will be spent outside. They are also allowed to bring hats and sunglasses. 
  • Thursday, May 30 Lightning Thief party in class. Students may bring a costume to change into (Greek god/goddess or a favorite character from the book). Again, please check Bloomz if you’re able to help with this event. 
TeacherBrooke Brackney
Subject AreaMath/Science/Social Studies
Grade Level4
Week #37
Unit of InstructionGeometrocity Project, Scientist/Inventor Research Project, Florida Population
Standard(s) Taught

All the Standards will be utilized for The Geometrocity Project

The objective of this project is for students to work in groups to use geometry terms and skills in order to create their own city. Students are given requirements for terms that must be included, as well as what kinds of buildings and things must be present inside of their cities. Students are able to create different city maps such as downtown, suburbs, city hall, and industrial park

This Project Based Learning activity focuses on the real-world application of math concepts used in the creation of a city while considering mathematical terms that we have learned this year.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


Continue working on Geometrocity and include all items on the requirement list.


Choose a scientist/inventor who has made a product or found something that you find interesting or is important to you. Research the person who you have chosen and answer the guided questions in order to create a presentation.

Classroom Activities


Geometrocity Phase Two: Design and Build


Scientist/Inventor Research

Scientist/Inventor Presentations beginning on Thursday May 23


Florida Population Reading and Guided Questions

Partner Worksheet

Assignments Due


Geometrocity: Phase Two

Weekly Math Homework

45 min. iReady Differentiated Practice

Scientist/Inventor Research Project



Florida Population Worksheet

Additional Resources