Quarter 4: Week #38 May 28th- 31st Lesson Plans (Math/Science/S. Studies Homeroom Only)

TeacherMichael Lee
Subject AreaMath/Science/S. Studies
Grade Level4th Grade
Week #Week #38 May 28th-31st Lesson Plans
Unit of InstructioniReady Diagnostic Testing and Completion of Tiny House Project
Standard(s) Taught


All the Standards will be utilized for Tiny House Project

The objective of this project is for students to design and build a tiny house, while applying area, and perimeter, and geometry skills. This project based learning activity also focuses on designing elements, using multiple problem solving skills, and collaborating in the classroom. It allows for easy differentiation, so students can work at a pace they will successful at.

With this resource students will create a miniature 3D version of a tiny house. The size of the houses will all be the same, but each student will create a unique version based on their own ideas, imagination, and application of skills.

The students will design their house that contains almost 20 different pieces of furnishings (all in one place) and then find the area and perimeter of each item after they have done so.  They’re also asked to apply geometric skills; such as shapes and even developing their own nets to create furniture.

This Project Based Learning activity focuses on the real-world application of math concepts used in building and designing homes, while practicing problem-solving skills (which are one of the most sought after skill in the work force today), collaboration, and using their imagination.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


  1. Finalized and present your tiny house and include all items on the requirement list.
Classroom Activities



  • iReady Individual Diagnostic Testing
  • Multiplication Timed Test
  • Work on Final Version of Tiny House (Wall and Roof/Ceiling Plan/3D Furniture)


  • iReady Individual Diagnostic Testing
  • Present on Final Version of Tiny House (Wall and Roof/Ceiling Plan/3D Furniture)


  • Catching Compliments Earned Board Game Day


  • Clean out desk, take home materials, and say good-bye.
Assignments Due


 Finish and Present Tiny House no later than Wednesday

Have fun and safe summer!

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