Quarter Four: Week #38th May 14th-May 18th Lesson Plans (Math/Science/S. Studies Homeroom Only)

TeacherMichael Lee
Subject AreaMath/Science/S. Studies
Grade Level4th
Week #Week #38th May 14th-May 18th Lesson Plans
Unit of Instruction“Tiny House” Project/Science Lesson Presentations /World War II and Florida’s Population
Standard(s) Taught

Math: All 4th Grade Standards

  1. Demonstrates an understanding of finding area and applying it correctly.
  2. Demonstrates an understanding of finding perimeter and applying it correctly.
  3. Demonstrates an understanding of identifying geometric shapes correctly.
  4. Connects the concepts of area, perimeter, and geometric to real-world settings (building a house)
  5. Applies problem-solving skills and collaboration skills.


Science: Students will present to lesson and activity/mini-assessment.



Social Studies: SS.4.A.1.2, SS.4.A.6.1, SS.4.A.6.3, SS.4.A.7.3, SS.4.A.9.1, SS.4.C.2.2, SS.4.G.1.1, SS.4.G.1.2, SS.4.G.1.3, SS.4.G.1.4, SS.4.A.1.1, SS.4.A.4.1, , SS.4.A.7.1, SS.4.A.8.2, SS.4.A.9.1, SS.4.E.1.1, SS.4.E.1.2, SS.4.FL.5.1, SS.4.FL.5.2

1.    Students will study World War II and will learn how it brought many people to Florida. Students will learn about Eddie Rickenbacker and the effects of WWII at home.

2.    Students will discuss factors that helped Florida’s population rise.




Learning Targets and Learning Criteria






Classroom Activities

Math Centers (Math Games, App “Media” Resources, Teacher Time, Hands-On Activities)

Multiplication Facts timed test


Tiny House Project: Start creating Final Version of House and possibly 3D Furniture

Guest Speaker on Nutrition (Friday)



Assignments Due


Math IXL Codes this week (J.11, J.12 and D.10)

Math Weekly Homework Q1: Week 2 (Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers)—Pre-5th Grade

Social Studies Weekly: Week 23 and 24: World War II and Florida’s Population


SMT2 Science Test (Wednesday)

Students Become Teachers: END OF THE YEAR SCIENCE PROJECT (Counts as Two Test Grades) Power Point or Poster Board. Presentation must be between 8 and 10 minutes total. This project is to be done at home and be ready to present this week of May 14th-18th.


Additional Resources