Q3 W20-W21 Jan. 14th- Jan. 25th

TeacherAngela Mariner
Subject AreaMath and Science
Grade Level4
Week #20-21
Unit of InstructionAddition and subtraction/word problems/motion/balance/heat
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


Students will:

• solve multi-step word problems (i.e., up to 3 steps) that involve the four operations using strategies for this grade level (e.g, rectangular arrays, area models, properties of operations, standard algorithm for addition and subtraction, etc.).

• represent a multi-step word problem using equations involving a variable represented by a letter for the unknown number.

• interpret remainders that result from multi-step word problems.

• assess the reasonableness of answers to multi-step word problems using estimation strategies and mental computation prior to calculation.

• apply an understanding of addition and subtraction, place value, and flexibility with multiple strategies to use the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction. 


Students will:

• describe an object’s position and motion in space.

• explain that motion is a change of an object’s position.

• demonstrate that moving objects always change position.

• demonstrate that moving objects may change

• explain that the speed of an object is determined by the distance it travels within a unit of time.

• investigate and compare the speeds of different objects by measuring the distance each object travels during a set amount of time using tools and technology.

• investigate and compare the speeds of different objects by measuring the amount of time it takes each object to travel a set amount of distance using tools and technology.

• display obtained speeds in chart, table and graph format. direction.

Classroom Activities


(Week 20)

Adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers

Volusia Math Test

Word problems


IXL.com in class practice

(Week 21)

Multiplication word problems

Adding and subtracting


Math Vocab test


(Week 20)

Bill Nye: Momentum

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Car motion activity

(Week 21)

Momentum Vocab test

All About Heat

Social Studies

(Week 20)

Marco Polo

(Week 21)

MLK Jr. 


Assignments Due

(Week 20)


(Week 21)


Study math vocab words

Additional Resources