Beginning Spanish Unit 2

TeacherAlexandra Serrano
Subject AreaSpanish
Grade Level6-8
Week #16-19
Unit of Instruction2
Standard(s) Taught

Communication Culture Chapter 2Connections Comparisons Culture Chapter 2

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Objectives Chapter 2Chapter 2 Overview

Classroom Activities

Block 1 to 5 Chapter 2Block 6 and 7 Chapter 2

Assignments Due


Chapter 2 Project: Mi casa  **Due December 4th and 5th According to class schedule**

In this project, you will create and label a house or apartment.


  1. Begin your house or apartment deciding if you will use a digital or paper format.
  2. Decide if you will do your dream house, your real house or a celebrity’s house.
  3. You must show the outside and floorplan of all the rooms and spaces.
  4. Use the vocabulary sheet to label the parts of the house.
  5. Write sentences about the rooms in the house. (10-15) Ex: La cocina es muy grande.
  6. Write the location of the house. (City, Country) Price ($) Size ft² or sq ft.
  7. Prepare to sell your house. You are the owner and realtor. In your presentation you will say the location, price, size, name all the rooms and say the sentences you wrote about the house.
  8. You will be graded like this:

Outside and floorplan: 50 pts

Spelling and accuracy of labels and sentences: 15 pts

Pronunciation and use of language (Only Spanish): 30 pts

Listening to other presentations: 5pts




Expansion: Use both ft² or sq ft and m² (in your presentation). Look for prices of similar houses in the city it would be located. (written on a piece of paper).


Go to Vportal / Canvas / Spanish / For other activities due.


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