Creative Photography Q2

TeacherBlair Bauer
Subject AreaCreative Photography
Grade Level6-8
Week #1-9
Unit of InstructionIndividual and Group work via direct instruction and hands on learning via use of cameras and computer software.
Standard(s) Taught

VA.912.F.1.5 Create a digital or time-based presentation to analyze and compare artists, artworks and concepts in historical context. 

VA.2.F.2.1 Identify work created by artists and designers.

VA.4.F.1.2 Examine and apply creative solutions to solve and artistic problem. 

VA.5.F.2.3 Discuss contributions that artists make to society.

VA.3.C.2.3 Use constructive criticism to improve artwork.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will reinforce techniques learned during Q1 through repeated practice and a combination of instructor and self evaluation.

Students will learn to creative cohesive collections of photos through small themed projects. 

Students will learn the impact past and present artists have had on society and of potential career opportunities by completing and presenting a research project on influential photographers. 

Classroom Activities

Students are expected to take and edit photos for regular assignments. Photos will be taken both indoors and outside.

Students will reinforce learned standards and techniques through research and analysis of professional works.

Students will peer share and critique each others photos.

Assignments Due

Texture Photos

Nature Photos

Influential Photographer Research Presentation

Additional Resources