Creative Photography Q3

TeacherBlair Bauer
Subject AreaCreative Photography
Grade Level6-8
Week #Q3
Unit of InstructionDirect Instruction, Checklists/worksheets, Critique and Pair & Share
Standard(s) Taught

VA.68.C.3.3 use analytical skills to understand meaning and explain connections with other contexts. 

VA.68.C.3.4 Compare the uses for artwork and utilitarian objects to determine their significance in society.

VA.68.C.2.4 Use constructive criticism as a purposeful tool for artistic growth.

VA.912.C.2.5 Develop and use criteria to select works for a portfolio and defend one’s artistic choices with a written, oral, and/or recorded analysis.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

This quarter students will focus on the importance of imagery in society and how to give meaning and significance to their own works. Students will analyze the works of influential photographers to determine what message the photographer was trying to communicate. Students will learn how to and practice methods of communication with their own works. 

Classroom Activities

Activities include but are not limited to the following.

-Taking and editing photos.

-Exploring the works of other photographers for both inspiration and personal growth through in depth analysis.

-Pair & Share photo critiques.

Assignments Due

The storyboard assignment will be due the first week back from winter break.

Students will complete a 20 photo story assignment that will be due during this quarter.

Several photo analysis & reflections will be due.

Several Pair & Share critiques will be due.

Additional Resources