Photoshop Q1

TeacherBlair Bauer
Subject AreaPhotoshop
Grade Level6-8
Week #1-9
Unit of InstructionVerbal Instruction, Group work, Peer review
Standard(s) Taught

VA.K.C.1.1: Create and Share Personal works of art with others. 

VA.2.C.1.1: Use the art-making process to communicate personal interests and self-expression.

VA.912.C.1.6: Identify Rationale for Aesthetic choices in recording visual media.

VA.4.C.2.1: Revise artworks to meet established criteria. 

VA.912.C.2.7: Assess the challenges and outcomes associated with the media used in a variety of ones own work. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn the rules of the classroom and proper care of classroom equipment.

Students will learn the Principles of Design and practice identifying them in the work of others. 

Student will be expected to learn the basics of interacting with required software. 

Students will be able to identify and use basic editing tools within the software.

Students will practice use of these tools in order to develop a proficiency with them through a series of projects/assignments and Gmetrix training. 

Classroom Activities

Group Instruction and assignments.

Collaborative individual assignments.

Individual projects.

Gmetrix online training assessments. 

Assignments Due
Additional Resources