Yearbook Q1

TeacherBlair Bauer
Subject AreaYearbook
Grade Level6-8
Week #1-9
Unit of InstructionIntroduction to Apple Lab and equipment (computers and cameras), expectations and functions of yearbook.
Standard(s) Taught

VA.68.C.3.1: Incorporate art vocabulary during the analysis process to describe the structural elements of art and organizational principles of design. 

LA.D.2.3.4: Understand how the multiple media tools of graphics, pictures, color, motion, and music can enhance communication in television, film, radio, and advertising. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Students will work in their predetermined groups to completed the pages/spreads assigned to them.

Students will be given the opportunity to conduct interviews and take photos of other classes and activities during school hours.

Students are expected to attend at least one after school function to both take photos and conduct interviews to be used as content for their assigned yearbook spreads. 

Assignments Due

First yearbook deadline is 11/20/2017. The first 15 spreads must be completed at this time. 

Additional Resources