Yearbook Q2

TeacherBlair Bauer
Subject AreaYearbook
Grade Level7-8
Week #Q2
Unit of InstructionGroup work, Direct instruction and Participation in after school events
Standard(s) Taught

VA.3.C.3.1 Critique one’s own and others’ artworks and identify the use of structural elements of art and organizational principles of design. 

VA.4.C.3.2 Compare purposes for the structural elements of art and organizational principles of design in artworks and utilitarian objects. 

VA.4.C.2.1 Revise artworks to meet establishes criteria

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will work both as individuals and as teams towards a shared goal. Students will learn the importance of meeting deadlines, time management skills and the importance of effective communication. Visual art standards will be applied as the vast majority of classwork revolves around the creation of the yearbook. 

Classroom Activities

Classroom activities include but are not limited to the following.


-Layout Design

-Peer review and critique

-Writing & Journalism

Assignments Due

Page deadline #2 is beginning of January but all pages for this section must be turned in before the Holiday break. 

Current Events 3-6 

Additional Resources