Competitive Team Q4, wk 2

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaCompetitive Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #Q4. wk 2
Unit of InstructionReflection on Performance and Character Project
Standard(s) Taught

Reflection on performance

Self Critique

Acceptance and understanding of judges critiques


Dance Etiquette


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Dancers will begin the week with a recap of our weekend at Platinum. We will look at the judges critiques and then do a self assessment for a summative grade.

We will also complete a Character Project based on empathy and etiquette through dance. The goal is to remind ourselves to have empathy for others and what it means to have good character as a dancer.

Classroom Activities

Judges Critiques – whole group activity

Distribution of ribbons

Share about competition weekend

Write individual self assessment from the competition weekend

Discuss the Character Project and complete individually

Rehearse performance pieces for Celebration Dance Talent

Assignments Due

Competition Individual Assessment

Character Project


Additional Resources