Competition Team Q4, Wks 4-7

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaCompetition Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #4-7
Unit of InstructionStudent Choreography
Standard(s) Taught

Elements of choreography

Music Editing

Group work

Staging and Spacing

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

We will create student choreography pieces for our Dance Team Finale Showcase. Dancers will select groups, choose music, and choreograph their own dances. These dance pieces will count as a summative grade and will be performed in their May 11th show. 

Classroom Activities

Warm up

Introduction of Student Choreography Project

Group Work

Planning choreography

Music Editing

Dance Resumes and Portfolios

Assignments Due

Choreography Notes

Assessments from Platinum and Celebration Talent competitions

Music Editing

Class participation

Dance Resume and portfolio

Additional Resources