Dance Team Q2 W1-9

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team - Performance and Competition
Grade Level6-8
Week #Q2 W1-9
Unit of InstructionChoreography
Standard(s) Taught

Dance Technique





Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

To continue learning new choreography for the teams’ jazz and contemporary dance pieces for performances. We will continue reviewing and cleaning all dances we have learned so far to prepare for our performance season.

In addition, we will begin working on our dance portfolios, which will be a year long project. We will start with writing a dance resume and taking an artistic dance photograph to include on our portfolio.

Classroom Activities

Warm up

Review choreography already learned

Add on new choreography

Review other dances already learned



Assignments Due

Class participation

Peer Critiques

Self Critiques

Dance Resume

Dance Photograph

Additional Resources