Dance Team W3

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team - Performance and Competition
Grade Level6-8
Week #3
Unit of InstructionSelf and Peer Critique
Standard(s) Taught
  1. Analyze an artist’s work using selected criteria.
  2. Reflect on critiques from a variety of sources to improve performance.
  3. Transfer corrections from previous classes to another.
  4. Use accurate dance and anatomical terminology to communicate.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  1. To discuss the proper way to critique fellow dancers.
  2. To discuss how to accept criticism.
  3. To perform for class mates and show memorization and attention to detail of the choreography we have learned so far.
Classroom Activities

In addition to our daily warm up and choreography for our performance pieces, we will be talking about how to critique ourselves and our peers. We will perform the dances we have been working on in small groups and ask our peers to critique us. We will video tape the dances in class to use as the self critique portion and keep notes on our corrections.

Assignments Due

Correction notes

Peer-critique notes

ASH registration and money due by Thursday

Additional Resources