Dance Tech I/II and III Q4

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Tech I, II, III
Grade Level6-8
Week #Q4, Wks 1-9
Unit of InstructionFinal Performance Praparation
Standard(s) Taught
  1. Rehearse to improve the quality of a dance piece.
  2. Perform using technique, with musical accuracy, and expression.
  3. Perform a variety of dance sequences to improve agility and coordination in movement patterns.
  4. Demonstrate without prompting, procedures expected in class, rehearsal, and performance.
  5. Practice creative risk-taking through dance improvisation and performance.
  6. Perform dance pieces to express feelings, cultural identity, and other abstract concepts through movement.
  7. Use accurate dance and theatre terminology to communicate effectively with teacher and peers.
  8. Demonstrate retention of directions, corrections, and memorization of dance from previous rehearsals and classes. 
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Dancers will be learning choreography for their final dance performance of the year and will also be creating their own student choreography pieces. Dancers have been given parameters for their student choreography pieces, and will be working to show them in class the first week of May. Dancers will critique each others’ student choreography pieces to determine which are the most ready to perform in our May show. The dances with the best technical execution, musicality, and performance quality will be selected to be a part of our end of year showcase on May 24th. In addition to choreography, dancers will be responsible for writing their choreography, learning about editing music, creating artistic dance photographs, and learning from guest instructors. 

Classroom Activities

Warm up


Group practice time

Writing choreography

Planning for dance pictures and taking the dance pictures

Editing music

Guest Teachers (will be announced in advance and information sent home for parents)

Stage rehearsals to prepare for the show


Assignments Due

Student Choreography pieces

Choreography writing

Peer critiques

Final performance

Performance Reflection

Additional Resources