Beginning Band (2nd Period) Q1

Teacher Kyle Halpin
Subject Area Band
Grade Level 6-8
Week # 1-9
Unit of Instruction The Staff, Basic Notation, Rhythm, Posture,  Rehearsal Procedures,
“First Six Notes”
Standards Taught
MU.68.C.1.1 – Develop strategies for listening to unfamiliar musical works.
MU.68.C.2.1 – Critique personal performance, experiment with a variety of solutions, and make appropriate adjustments with guidance from teachers and peers. 
MU.68.C.2.2 – Critique, using correct music vocabulary, changes in one’s own or others’ musical performance resulting from practice
MU.68.S.3.2 – Demonstrate proper instrumental technique
MU.68.S.3.4 – Compare written notation to aural examples and analyze for accuracy of rhythm and pitch.  
Learning Targets/Objectives/Skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the staff lines and spaces
  • Demonstrate proper assembly and maintenance of their instrument
  • Demonstrate the correct embouchure (wind instruments) or grip (percussion)
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform with a steady beat
  • Produce a 10 second pitch on mouthpiece only and instrument
  • Demonstrate how to read a fingering chart
  • Independently perform the concert pitches of G, F, Eb, D, C and Bb
  • Perform exercises and songs containing the above concert pitches using the basic note and rest values of whole, half, and quarter.  
Assignments Due

Every week, students are given a daily participation grade.  In order for the student to receive full points for the week, they must have their instrument, required materials, and a positive and constructive attitude towards themselves and their classmates.

Students will also receive worksheets that reinforce the topics that we discuss in class.

It is highly recommended that students practice daily for 20-30 minutes.  Practicing daily will reinforce the skills that we learn in class!