Beginning Band (2nd Period) Q2

Teacher Kyle Halpin
Subject Area Beginning Band
Grades 6-8
Weeks 9-18
Unit of Instruction Applying Performance Fundamentals
Essential Questions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and perform major scales with arpeggios?
  • Perform music using expressive elements?
  • Demonstrate refinement of tone quality and intonation?
  • Demonstrate increased proficiency in sight-reading?
Standards Taught
Learning Targets/Skills/Objectives
  • Perform concert F and Bb scales and arpeggios with various articulations and rhythmic patterns.
  • Perform selected exercises at sight
  • Perform music/exercises using pick up notes
  • Perform music/exercises in 3/4 and 2/4 time.
  • Understand and perform ties and slurs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key signatures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the order of sharps and flats
  • Demonstrate the function of sharps, flats, and naturals
  • Perform paired eighth notes and dotted hall notes with corresponding rests.
  • Perform music/exercises that incorporate crescendo, decrescendo, and appropriate symbols.
  • Perform music in various tempos and styles
  • Perform Winter Concert Music.



Assignments Due

Every week, students are given a daily participation grade.  In order for the student to receive full points for the week, they must have their instrument, required materials, and a positive and constructive attitude towards themselves and their classmates.

Students will also receive worksheets that reinforce the topics that we discuss in class.

It is highly recommended that students practice daily for 20-30 minutes.  Practicing daily will reinforce the skills that we learn in class!

For any written work, I will now post a copy of the assignment, as well as the assignments due date on my remind code:  My remind code for 2nd period beginning band is: dd76hc

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