Symphonic Band (5th/8th Period) Q1

Teacher: Mr. Halpin
Subject: Symphonic Band (5th and 9th Period)
Grade 6-8
Week: Week 1-9
Unit of Instruction Rehearsal Procedures, Posture, Music Theory and Scales


Standards Taught
  • MU.68.C.1.1 – Develop strategies for listening to unfamiliar works.
  • MU.68.C.2.1 – Critique personal performance, experiment with a variety of solutions, and make appropriate adjustments with guidance from teachers and peers
  • MU.68.C.2.2 – Correct using correct music vocabulary, changes in one’s own or others’ musical performance resulting from practice or rehearsal
  • MU.68.S.2.2 – Transfer performance techniques from familiar to unfamiliar pieces
  • MU.68.S.3.1 – Sing/Play age-appropriate repertoire expressively
  • MU.68.S.3.5 – Notate rhythmic phrases and/or melodies, in varying simple meters, performed by someone else.
Learning Targets/Objectives/Skills
  • Review knowledge of theoretical principles (notes, rests, staff, etc.)
  • Review appropriate embouchure (wind instruments) or grip (percussion)
  • Review rhythmic pulse principles
  • Review principles of intonation and tone and how to make appropriate adjustments in each
  • Perform daily warm-up exercises which promote tone production, ensemble balance and blend.
  • Demonstrate the ability to start, stop, and alter tempo and dynamics at the conductor’s command
  • Perform G,C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab, and Db major scales with arpeggios.  
  • Describe and demonstrate a variety of articulations without noticeable movement on chin, jaw, or throat.
  • Perform a variety of repertoire at FBA Grade 1 or 2 level

Students are given a weekly participation grade.  To receive full credit, students must have their instruments, materials, music ready for class.  Students must also demonstrate a positive and constructive attitude towards themselves and classmates, and participate with proper posture.  

Starting at the end of September, weekly scale tests are to be performed for a grade.  Students will demonstrate correct posture, correct embouchure, perform with a steady tempo, playing the proper notes with a full, characteristic tone, and the prescribed articulations.  

Worksheets and other written assignments will be given out to reinforce what we are learning in class.

RECOMMENDED: Students should practice for 20-30 minutes daily.  Playing on their instrument everyday develops and reinforces what they learn in class, and helps them retain the information presented in class, or the pieces, exercises that they perform.