Symphonic Band Q3

Essential Questions: (Does the student….)

  • Perform Music with rhythmic and technical precision?
  • Perform with expression?
  • Demonstrate refinement of tone quality and intonation?
  • Demonstrate refinement of ensemble concepts?
  • Perform music with expanded technique?
  • Perform music at sight with minimal errors?
  • Independently apply performance fundamentals (without prompting from teacher)?
  • Make appropriate value judgements regarding one’s own musical performance?
    Learning Targets/Skills
  • Perform with precision at various tempi
  • Differentiate between “in tune” and “out of tune” pitches and how to make appropriate adjustments
  • Perform Daily warm-up exercises which promote tone production, ensemble blend, and balance
  • Detect note, intonation, rhythm, articulation errors in rehearsal and/or performance settings
  • Detect errors in ensemble blend and balance, as well as appropriate corrections
  • Respond accurately to conductor gestures/cues
  • Identify and define musical terms within current literature
  • Critique personal performance, experiment with a variety of solutions, and make appropriate adjustments with guidance from teachers and peers
  • Perform repertoire in a variety of mediums (solos, chamber, large ensemble)
  • Provide written or oral constructive criticism of a solo, chamber, or large ensemble performance based upon specific criteria
  • Identify cultural and stylistic characteristics of current literature
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of copyright laws and the concept of “intellectual property”


Key Terminology

  • Syncopation
  • Subdivision
  • Dotted Quarter
  • Note/Rest
  • Eighth Note/rest
  • Enharmonic
  • Lip Slur
  • Piano
  • Mezzo piano
  • Mezzo forte
  • Forte
  • Phrase
  • Fermata
  • Waltz
  • March

Pieces to be looked at:
Grand Galop – Vinson
British Isle Ballads
Sea Song Trilogy
Albany Fanfare
Praeludium and Dance
Other TBD pieces.

Scale Quizzes 
Starting January 31st – We will have weekly scale quizzes in order to make sure students are practicing their scales.  Scales are the building blocks to making music, so it is imperative that they work on them.  

Scale Quiz Dates
January 31
February 9
February 16
February 23
March 2nd
9 Weeks Exam.  (March 6/7)
For their Q3 Exam, students will be able to count/clap their Level 2 Rhythm Sheet, play the assigned rhythm, and be able to play selections from their MPA Music. 

 Fundraiser:  Domino’s Slice the Price Cards (Jan. 31 through Feb. 14)
ALL Order Forms and Money need to be collected and turned in on FEBRUARY 14th. 

I will scan and post order forms and all information found in students packets and post it in this section.  


Daily Homework:  Students are recommended to practice nightly for 20 minutes.  This can include any Music Theory Games, Playing instrument, fingerings for notes, and working on counting and clapping the Level One Rhythm Sheet.  The more they practice, the quicker they get better at their instrument.  At home, do not discourage bad sounds, because they are going to happen, and trust me, they do not like making bad sounds either.  So let them work on it.  This class is like a lab.  They need to figure out what works for them and what does not.