Symphonic Band (5th and 8th) Q2

Teacher Kyle Halpin
Subject Area Symphonic Band
Grades 6-8
Weeks: 9-18
Unit of Instruction Applying Performance Fundamentals
Essential Questions
  • Perform music with rhythmic and technical precision?
  • Successfully perform music with a variety of articulations?
  • Demonstrate refinement of tone quality and intonation?
  • Demonstrate refinement of ensemble concepts
  • Successfully perform music with an expanded rhythmic vocabulary?
  • Independently apply performance fundamentals (without prompting form teacher)?
Standards Taught
Learning Targets/Skills/Objectives
  • Perform with a steady beat at various tempi
  • Differentiate between “in tune” and “out of tune” pitches and how to make appropriate adjustments.
  • Perform daily warm-up exercises which promote tone production, ensemble blend, and balance.
  • Detect note, intonation, rhythm, articulation errors in rehearsal/performance settings.
  • Start and stop, and alter tempi and dynamics at the conductors command.
  • Make intelligent value judgements regarding music and music performance.
  • Identify aurally a variety of music forms.
  • Perform Winter Concert Music.


Students are given a weekly participation grade. To receive full credit, students must have their instruments, materials, music ready for class. Students must also demonstrate a positive and constructive attitude towards themselves and classmates, and participate with proper posture.

Starting at the end of September, weekly scale tests are to be performed for a grade. Students will demonstrate correct posture, correct embouchure, perform with a steady tempo, playing the proper notes with a full, characteristic tone, and the prescribed articulations.

Worksheets and other written assignments will be given out to reinforce what we are learning in class.

RECOMMENDED: Students should practice for 20-30 minutes daily. Playing on their instrument everyday develops and reinforces what they learn in class, and helps them retain the information presented in class, or the pieces, exercises that they perform.

Important Dates – All after school rehearsals and performances are summative grades.  If your student cannot attend these rehearsals/performances, you need to let me know as soon as possible, so I can give them an alternative assignment. 

Thursday November 2nd – After School Rehearsal from 3:45 to 4:45 in Band Room.

Tuesday November 7th – After School Rehearsal from 3:45 to 4:45 in Band Room.

Wednesday, November 8th – Volusia All-County Band Auditions @ Silver Sands Middle School. 
*Recording of Etude* –

Thursday, November 9th – Veterans Day Concert @ Ivy Hawn

Tuesday, December 12th – Winter Concert @ Ivy Hawn (Rehearsal Schedule coming soon)