Dance Team Q2

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #10 - 18
Unit of InstructionTechnique and Precision
Standard(s) Taught

Reflect on critiques from a variety of sources to improve technique.

Apply the mechanics of movement transitions.

Practice a variety of dance sequences to increase agility and coordination in movement patterns.

Articulate and consistently apply principles of alignment to axial, locomotor, and non-locomotor movement.

Articulate and consistently apply principles of alignment to ballet barre, center, and across the floor combinations.

Demonstrate effective teamwork and accountability using compromise, collaboration, and conflict resolution to set and achieve goals as required in the work environment.

Apply corrections and concepts from previously learned steps to different material to improve processing of new information.

Critique the quality and effectiveness of performances based on exemplary models and self-established criteria.

Demonstrate retention of directions, corrections, and memorization of dance from previous rehearsals and class.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

This quarter our focus will be on continuing to improve technique and getting our dances precise and clean for upcoming performances.

We will continue ballet technique classes once a week as well as rehearse all competition pieces.

We will begin doing peer and self critiques.


Classroom Activities

Mondays: Ballet technique class

Tuesdays and Fridays: Rehearse all competition pieces, with emphasis on cleaning the dances and going over precise details. We will include peer and self critiques during these rehearsal days.

Thursdays: Technique class, alternating through the styles of: jazz, contemporary, ballet, conditioning, leaps, turns, and stretch.

Wednesdays will be for review, tests, and discussion


Assignments Due

Independent Study will be due 12/14.

Vocabulary Unit 4 Test will be 11/7.

Vocabulary Unit 5 Test will be 12/5.

Vocabulary Units 4 & 5 Test will be 12/12.

Performance Dates: 11/1 – Volusia County Dances, 11/30 – Works in Progress, 12/1 – Dr. Phillips High Winter Wonderland



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