Dance Team Q3

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #19-27
Unit of InstructionCleaning Choreography with Attention to Spatial Awareness and Performance Quality
Standard(s) Taught

DA.68.C.2.1 Solve challenged in technique and composition by visualizing and applying creative solutions.

DA.68.C.2.2 Reflect on critiques from a variety of sources to improve technique.

DA.68.S.2.4 Transfer corrections or concepts from the execution of one class exercise to another.

DA.68.S.2.5 Rehearse to improve the performance quality of dance pieces.

DA.68.F.3.3 Prepare auditions and audition skills for schools, companies, and/or commercial work in dance.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

During this 9 weeks, we will be in full competition and performance mode. We will continue our ballet technique training, conditioning, and working on cleaning choreography and preparing for each event we have.

We will also work on a project that will allow dancers to research and create their own presentation on a dance related topic that appeals to them.

Classroom Activities

Mondays will be ballet technique classes.

Tuesdays and Fridays we will be cleaning and preparing for competitions and performance events.

Wednesdays we will do conditioning and run pieces for competition.

Thursdays will be our project day to begin, work on, and present our dance projects.

Assignments Due

Celebration of Dance at Dr. Phillips – 1/10-1/12

Disney – 1/19- 1/20

Platinum Competition and Convention in Jacksonville – 1/24-1/26

Volusia County Dance Performance Assessment – 2/7

Access Broadway Competition and Convention – 2/14 – 2/15

Diversity Performance – 2/26

Additional Resources