Dance Team Q4

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #1-9
Unit of InstructionCreating Choreography and Development as a Dancer
Standard(s) Taught

DA.68.S.1.4 Use kinesthetic knowledge to demonstrate knowledge of partnering and movement relationships between two or more dancers

DA.68.O.1.5 Identify, define, and give examples of the elements of dance and/or principles of design to show how they give structure to a dance piece.

DA.68.H.1.3 Discuss issues related to plagiarism and appropriation of choreographic works and other intellectual property.

DA.68.H.3.1 Demonstrate response and reaction, through movement sequences, to various sources of inspiration.

DA.68.H.3.4 Create or perform a dance piece using ideas and principles common to dance and another art form.

DA.68.F.3.3 Prepare auditions and audition skills for schools, companies, and/or commercial work in dance.

DA.68.F.3.4 Maintain documentation of dance-related activities, including a repertory sheet, to prepare for résumé-writing

HE.7.C.1.4 Describe ways to reduce or prevent injuries and adolescent health problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

We will be focusing on student choreography for our Finale Showcase. Students will select and work in groups to create pieces for this show.

We will also rehearse and continue performing current pieces at various shows and competitions.

We will discuss health related issues and topics, as they apply to dance, such as: nutrition, body awareness and hygiene, common injuries and health risks in the dance industry.

Students will complete a personal dance portfolio.

Classroom Activities

Technique Class

Warm up


Create Your Own Show Project – due April 8th

Rehearsal for the following shows/competitions:
Revolution – April 5-7
Festival of Dance – April 27th and 28th
Finale Showcase – May 3rd
Disney Springs Performance -May 5th

Dancer Portfolio – Due May 3rd

Individual and Group Photo Sessions – Week of April 15th

Nutrition Lesson and Discussion

Dancer Health Lesson and Discussion

Assignments Due

Weekly Dance Etiquette

Create Your Own Show Project – April 8th

Dancer Portfolio – May 3rd

Nutrition and Health Test – May 22nd

Additional Resources