Dance Tech I/II Vocabulary

Dance Vocabulary Tech I/II

Adagio Slow

Allegro Fast

Arabesque A position on one leg with the other extended, straight, to the back

Attitude A position on one leg with the other extended, bent, to the front, side, or back

Balance A rocking step

Barre The introductory warm up portion of ballet class

Battement To beat

Chaine Chain

Changement To change

Chasse To chase

Coupe To cut

Demi Half

Developpe To develop

Echappe To escape

En bas Starting position, on the bottom

En croix In the shape of a cross

Enveloppe To envelop

Fouette To whip

Grand Big

Jete To throw

Pas de Bourree 3 small steps done quickly

Pas de Chat Step of the Cat

Penche Leaning/ Inclining

Petit Small

Pique To prick

Pirouette To turn

Plie To bend

Port de bras Movement of the arms

Releve To rise

Rond de jambe Circle of the leg

Saute To jump

Tendu To stretch

Tour To turn