Dance Tech Q2

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Tech I, II, III
Grade Level6-8
Week #10 - 18
Unit of InstructionChoreography and Performance
Standard(s) Taught

Reflect on critiques from a variety of sources to correct and improve technique and performance.

Apply the mechanics of movement transitions.

Practice a variety of dance sequences to increase agility and coordination in movement patterns.

Articulate and apply principles of alignment to axial, locomotor, and non-locomotor movements.

Apply corrections and concepts from previously learned steps to different material to improve processing of new material.

Demonstrate an understanding of movement qualities.

Understand a variety of choreographic principles.

Demonstrate retention of directions, corrections, and memorization of dance from previous rehearsals and classes. 

Compare dances of different styles, genres, and forms to show understanding of how different structures of movement give the dance identity.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

We will be focusing on choreography for two upcoming performances this quarter. We will continue running and cleaning our choreography in preparation of the Veteran’s Day Performance, as well as work on new choreography for the “Nutcracker with a Twist” performance.

We will learn how to do peer and self critiques.

We will continue learning vocabulary that coincides with the dances we are learning.

We will learn about staging, spacing, costuming, hair, and makeup!

Classroom Activities

Warm up

Review of dances

Cleaning and precision work for each dance

Discuss staging and spacing elements

Learn new choreography for “Nutcracker with a Twist”


Practice performance hair

Practice performance makeup

Peer and self critiques

Assignments Due

Performances: 11/8 – Veteran’s Day performance, 12/4 – Nutcracker with a Twist

10/24: Performance Hair Trial Day

10/25 & 10/26: Performance Makeup Trial Day

10/31: Vocabulary Unit 4 Test

12/5: Vocabulary Unit 5 Test

12/12: Vocabulary Units 4 & 5 Test


Additional Resources