Semester 2: Weeks 20-39

TeacherAngela Morris
Subject AreaComputer Applications of Business
Grade Level6th
Week #20-39
Unit of InstructionDigital Tools, Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel
Standard(s) Taught

Students will…

  • Use technology to enhance communication skills utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint (Q3) and Microsoft Excel (Q4)
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skill and application of information systems to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance
  • Develop awareness of computer languages and software applications
  • Demonstrate comprehension and communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency using common software applications (specifically Microsoft PowerPoint for the third quarter and Microsoft Excel during the fourth quarter)
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will score 900 or higher on Microsoft Word practice tests and become certified in Word. (prerequisite: IC3 Spark Certification, 900+ scores on training and testing practice exams in Word)

Students will score 900 or higher on Microsoft PowerPoint practice tests and become certified in PowerPoint. (prerequisites:  IC3 Spark Certification, Word Certification, 900+ scores on training and testing exams in PowerPoint)  

Students will score 900 or higher on Microsoft Excel practice tests and become certified in Excel. (prerequisites:  IC3 Spark Certification, Word Certification, PowerPoint Certification, 900+ scores on training and testing exams in Excel)  

Technical skills focus for this quarter are to:

  • Enhance keyboarding skills
  • Use current computer technology and software to perform personal and business related tasks
  • Use reference materials such as online help and tutorials
  • Demonstrate the use of various software applications with a focus on Microsoft PowerPoint for Q3 and Excel for Q4
  • PowerPoint Learning Targets
    • Manage and configure the presentation software environment, including: adjusting views, manipulating window, configuring toolbar and file options
    • Create slide presentations utilizing various project development elements, including:  adding and removing slides, slide layouts, format slide design, insert or format placeholders
    • Locate, create and incorporate graphical and multimedia elements, including: shapes, graphics, images, bullets, hyperlinks, video and audio into a slide presentation appropriate for the project
    • Explore and apply design and color theory to create dynamic and appealing visuals
    • Create and manipulate graphical and multimedia elements to improve or develop new contacts appropriate for the projects, including:  creation of images, color selections, tone, hue and contrast
    • Demonstrate various business-related elements that can be created, embedded and manipulated in a slide presentation, including: charts, graphs, tables, spreadsheets, flowcharts, and organizational charts
    • Apply slide transitions and create custom animations to slide presentations appropriate for the target audience
    • Demonstrate different delivery methods for slide presentations, including:  video projection – on mouse click, rehearse timings, printing options – outlines, handouts, slides and notes
  • Excel Learning Targets
    • Manage the worksheet environment by navigating through and printing a worksheet
    • Personalize the environment by manipulating the ribbon tabs, group settings, importing data/database, manipulating properties, files and folders
    • Create cell data, apply auto fill and hyperlinks
    • Format cells and worksheets by applying cell formats, merging and splitting sells, create row and column titles, hide and unhide column titles, rows and columns
    • Manipulate pages set up options
    • Create and apply cell styles
    • Manage worksheet and workbooks by creating and formatting worksheets and manipulating views/themes
    • Apply formulas and functions by creating formulas, enforcing precedence and cell formula references
    • Apply conditional formula logic, name and cell ranges
    • Demonstrate data visually by creating and modifying charts and images (e.g. pivot tables)
    • Share worksheet data through email, changing file type and different versions
    • Manage comments (e.g. mail merge)
    • Analyze and organize data through filters, sorting and applying conditional formatting (e.g. macros)
    • Interpret data on line graphs, pie charts, diagrams, and tables commonly used in spreadsheet software applications that incorporate industry data

Communication skills focus for this semester are to:

  • Read and comprehend technical and non-technical assignments related to course content
  • Use listening, speaking, telecommunication and nonverbal skills and strategies effectively with “supervisor,” “co-workers,” and “customers”
  • Apply the writing process to the creation of appropriate documents following designated business formats (e.g. note taking, researching and MLA/APA formatting)
Classroom Activities
  • Complete 15 minutes of Gmetrix daily for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel (as applicable per current certifications)
  • Work on projects both individually and collaboratively using the digital tools, Microsoft PowerPoint (Q3 projects) and Excel (Q4 projects)
Assignments Due

Please see Gradebook for assignments due.

Fourth Quarter:  We are embarking into the world of Excel (TechnoBiz)!  Here is the link to our workbook:  TechnoBiz Workbook   Please use this to complete assignments at home.

Here is a breakdown of the end of 3rd quarter.  Please use the TechnoHero workbook (link below) to stay on track if you are absent or unable to complete assignments during class.

Week of 2/12 – Achievement Smart Art Chart Timeline pg. 38-40

Week of 2/15 – Notes pg. 41-42 and Character Traits pg. 45-46 (type in the “notes” section why you selected each trait)

Week of 2/26 – Me & My Hero pg. 49-55, Arrange Slides pg. 63 (workbook says video slide is last, but our last slide is the Works Cited slide), Check Your Work with pages 56 and 64, and Review Your Presentation Skills on page 67

Week of 3/5 – PRESENTATIONS! 

TechnoHero Workbook 2013-2016

Additional Resources


Students have access to both Gmetrix and Office 365 at home.

You will need to download Gmetrix to your computer in order for your student to study for the Microsoft certificates (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) at home.

Students access Office 365 at home via their Volusia County Schools account.

Another resource to study Microsoft Word

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about either of these programs.

***7th and 8th grade students who previously took CAB Lab, but did not have a chance to take the IC3 Spark certification test, please contact me directly to discuss taking advantage of this opportunity!***