Q1 Weeks 1-9

TeacherAngela Morris
Subject AreaComputer Applications in Business
Grade Level6th
Week #1-9
Unit of InstructionIC3 Spark and Microsoft Word
Standard(s) Taught

Students will…

  • Demonstrate knowledge, skill and application of information systems to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance
  • Develop an awareness of microprocessors and digital computers
  • Develop an awareness of emerging technologies
  • Develop an awareness of computer languages and software applications
  • Demonstrate comprehension and communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency using computer software applications (specifically Microsoft Word for the first quarter)
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will score 900 or higher on Gmetrix practice tests and certify in IC3 Spark as well as Microsoft Word.  

Technical skills focus for this quarter are to:

  • Develop keyboarding skills
  • Describe and use current computer technology and software to perform personal and business related tasks
  • Identify and describe types of file systems and classify common file extensions based on common software applications used in the workplace (specifically Word for Q1)
  • Use reference materials such as online help and tutorials
  • Demonstrate basic computer file management skills and file naming conventions to organize files into hierarchies by labeling file folders for easy accessibility
  • Describe ethical issue and problems associate with computers and information systems, including federal laws against anti-piracy and computers and PC software security protection
  • Identify operating system file naming conventions
  • Demonstrate proficiency with file management and structure (e.g. create folders, create files, backup copies, delete/open/save)
  • Explain the history and purpose of operating systems (e.g. DOS, Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux)
  • Explain the general architecture of a microcomputer system
  • Explain the need for and use of peripherals (e.g. mouse, printer, keyboard, etc.)
  • Demonstrate proficiency using peripherals
  • Identify basics of computer maintenance and upgrades
  • Differentiate between diagnosing and troubleshooting
  • Compare and contrast emerging technologies and describe how they impact business in the global market place (e.g. wireless network, tablets, cell phones, satellite technology, nano technology, smart devices, home networks, peer-to-peer)
  • Compare and contrast the appropriate use of various software applications (e.g. word processing, desktop publishing, graphic design, web browser, email, presentation, database, scheduling, financial management, Java applet, music)
  • Demonstrate the use of various software applications (as mentioned above) with a focus on Microsoft Word for Q1

Communication skills focus for this quarter are to:

  • Read and comprehend technical and non-technical assignments related to course content
  • Use listening, speaking, telecommunication and nonverbal skills and strategies effectively with “supervisor,” “co-workers,” and “customers”
Classroom Activities
  • Complete 15 minutes of Gmetrix daily for IC3 Spark (digital tools) and Microsoft Word 
  • Work on projects both individually and collaboratively using the digital tools and Microsoft Word
Assignments Due
  • Sign & Return all forms sent home in student folders (due ASAP)
  • Gmetrix and class projects will have weekly grades
  • IC3 Spark and Microsoft Word certification tests will take place when students consistently score 900 or higher on the practice tests; goal is that students will be IC3 Spark certified by 9/1 and Word certified by 10/6
  • 8/18 – Essay 1 due
  • 9/13 – Interim Grades
  • 9/29 – TechnoKids Word project due
  • 10/13 – Collaborative Word project due
Additional Resources
  • Students have access to both Gmetrix and Office 365 at home
  • You will need to download Gmetrix to your computer in order for your student to study for the Word certificate at home
  • Students access Office 365 at home via their Volusia County Schools account
  • Another resource to study Microsoft Word https://www.gcflearnfree.org/

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about either of these programs.