Computer Applications in Business I and II

TeacherAngela Morris
Subject AreaComputer Applications of Business
Grade Level6th
Week #1 - 40
Unit of InstructionDigital Tool: IC3 Key Applications (focus on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
Standard(s) Taught

Students will…

  • Demonstrate knowledge, skill and application of information systems to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance
  • Demonstrate comprehension and communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency using common software applications (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will score 900 or higher on Gmetrix practice tests to become certified in IC3 Key Applications

Technical skills focus for this quarter are to:

  • Develop keyboarding skills
  • Describe and use current computer technology and software to perform personal and business related tasks
  • Identify and describe types of file systems and classify common file extensions based on common software applications used in the workplace (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Use reference materials such as online help and tutorials
  • Demonstrate basic computer file management skills and file naming conventions to organize files into hierarchies by labeling file folders for easy accessibility
  • Identify operating system file naming conventions
  • Demonstrate proficiency with file management and structure (e.g. create folders, create files, backup copies, delete/open/save)
  • Explain the need for and use of peripherals (e.g. mouse, printer, keyboard, etc.)
  • Demonstrate proficiency using peripherals
  • Demonstrate the use of various software applications (as mentioned above) with a focus on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Communication skills focus for this quarter are to:

  • Read and comprehend technical and non-technical assignments related to course content
  • Use listening, speaking, telecommunication and nonverbal skills and strategies effectively with “supervisor,” “co-workers,” and “customers”
Classroom Activities
  • Practice using products in Gmetrix daily for IC3 Key Applications (log in:  FIRSTNAMEALPHACODE (example:  SALLY1ABCD), password:  DOB (example: 03162007)
  • Develop keyboarding skills on (account ID: ihcs2, log in: alpha code, password: DOB)
  • Work on projects both individually and collaboratively using Microsoft Word (Q1) and Excel/PowerPoint (Q2)
Assignments Due
  • Gmetrix receives a bi-weekly grade (expectation: minimum 1 module completed bi-weekly)
  • Class projects – Q1 – TechnoCorrespondent            TechnoCorrespondent Workbook
  • Class projects – Q2 – TechnoEntrepeneur                TechnoEntrepreneur Workbook 2013-2016
  • IC3 Key Applications certification tests will take place when students consistently score 900 or higher on the practice tests; goal is that students will be IC3 Key Applications certified by the end of the 1st semester and IC3 Living Online certified by the end of the 2nd semester
Additional Resources

Students have access to Gmetrix, Edutyping and Office 365 at home.

Students access Office 365 at home via their Volusia County Schools account (Vportal).

Another resource to study Microsoft Office products

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about any of these programs.