Photoshop Q3 Weeks 8-9

04.05 Demonstrate understanding of layers and channels.

04.06 Demonstrate understanding of filters, effects and plug-ins.

04.07 Demonstrate understanding of file presets.

04.08 Demonstrate the ability to select portions of an image for manipulation.

04.09 Demonstrate the ability to transform selections and images (crop, scale).

04.10 Demonstrate the ability to color-correct images (brightness, hue, contrast).

04.11 Demonstrate the ability to use brushes for image creation and correction.

08.10 Demonstrate use of layers by creating, locking, viewing, pasting, merging.

08.11 Demonstrate use of blending (gradients, objects).

Text Portrait of Yourself!

Using the “text transform tutorials,” take a photo of yourself and upload it. Follow the steps to create a text portrait and submit it.

Tutorial Steps:

First, upload an image that is high quality.

Crop it down to the head and shoulders.

Use the SELECT AND MASK to make a selection of the subject.

Create a new layer, place it below your subject, and fill it BLACK.

Look up a meaningful poem or song that corresponds with your subject area. 

Copy the words into pages and delete all spacing (other than the spaces between words).


Add the text and “paste” the test as many times as necessary to fill the entire image.

Open the Characters Window, and adjust the spacing of the letters.

Make sure that the text is legible and the color is black. 

Your text layer should be above your solid black layer, all below your subject.


Create a clipping mask with your subject and the text.

Create a new fill adjustment by adding POSTERIZE, adjust the levels to 2.

Create a new fill adjustment by adding BLACK AND WHITE.

Add one more layer on top and add a border to this layer. 

Add your name at the bottom right corner. 



Go to File, Save as, JPG click as a copy.

When you are closing out DO NOT SAVE CHANGES TO THE PSD FILE.

Send me the JPG file. 

When your submit, export as a JPEG and send through EDMODO.

Smart Objects Tutorial

Work more efficiently with Smart Objects!

Learn how to link to an external file and get the benefit of updating multiple Smart Objects at once.

Character Line & Spacing

Go the the following link and complete the questions below.

1. How do you set leading and change the default auto leading percentage?

2. What is kerning and how do you adjust it?

3. What is tracking and how do you adjust it?

4. What does it mean to shift the baseline?

5. How do you turn fractional character widths off or on?

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Cumulative Summative Project

Create an independent project that is 8.5 X 11 or 11 X 8.5 and is at least 300 resolution.

Make sure that you are in RGB Mode.

Within your project, you need to show me that you understand the following: how to use masking techniques, how to use compositing in your image, how to effectively add text, transformation techniques, and blending modes. You will also explain how you used each of these techniques. 

Within your project, you need to show me and explain:

-How to use a masking techniques: clipping mask, layer mask, quick mask. How to use brushes or gradients to change the look of the mask.

-How to composite two images to get a desired effect.

-How to use transformation techniques to (rotate, skew, warp, etc) your image. 

-Add text to a composition to enhance the image.

-Add blending modes (fx at the bottom of the layers panel) to enhance your image.