Choir Quarter 3

TeacherSarah Wilson
Subject AreaChoir
Grade Level6-8
Week #3rd Quarter
Unit of InstructionMPA
Standard(s) Taught

Develop and demonstrate efficient rehearsal strategies to apply skills and techniques. (MU.68.S.3.6)

Perform the expressive elements of a musical work indicated by the musical score and/or conductor, and transfer new knowledge and experiences to other musical works. (MU.68.O.3.2)

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will prepare their concert repertoire through effective rehearsal techniques. Students will work to memorize their music for performances! Students will perfect their musicianship skills for the Music Performance Assessments in April. 

Classroom Activities

MPA Repertoire:



Spring Concert Repertoire:

“I Lived” Arranged by Neruda



Assignments Due

MPA March 6-7 @ Deland First Baptist Church

Additional Resources