Quarter 1–Week 2: All Drama Classes

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaDrama
Grade Level6th, 7th and 8th grades
Week #Week 2: August 21-25, 2017
Unit of InstructionBeginning Scene work and Creativity or Cultural Maps
Standard(s) Taught

Big Idea: Critical Thinking and Reflection 

Enduring Understanding 1: Cognition and reflection are required to appreciate, interpret, and create with artistic intent.  AND Enduring Understanding 2: Assessing our own and others’ artistic work, using critical-thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills, is central to artistic growth.

TH.68.C.1.3: Determine the purpose(s) elements, meaning, and value of a theatrical work based on personal, cultural, or historical standards.

TH.68.C.2.1: Use group generated criteria to critique others to help strengthen each others performance. 


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will begin work on small group scenes, choosing a scene full group can agree upon.

Students will examine the questions: What does Creativity mean to me? (7-8th grade returning students) OR What is my personal culture (6-8th grade new drama students).

Students will create a brainstorming bubble map to answer these questions.

Students will begin work on an artistic version of their bubble map.

Students will show a rehearsal for critique/feedback.

Students will be able to offer positive feedback.

Classroom Activities

Monday/Tuesday: Students will create their brainstorming bubble maps answering the questions: “What does creativity mean to me?” OR “What is my own personal culture?” Students will meet with their scene group and choose a short scene allowing all students to have lines of dialogue.

Wednesday: Students will continue work on current 2 projects.

Thursday/Friday: Students will finish bubble map and turn in for grading. Students may begin work on Artistic Version of Creativity Mind Map OR Cultural Map. (due August 30) Students will rehearse their chosen scene adding blocking (movement), characterization, and begin to memorize lines. Students will show scene to class for feedback/critique. 

Assignments Due

Thursday/Friday: Bubble Map; Shown rehearsal for class feedback

August 30–Artistic Version of Creativity Mind Map or Cultural Map Due for grading

Sept. 5-7–Scenes due for grading (memorization, blocking and characterization)

Additional Resources